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JOE PUBLIC is an independent, innovative and fast-growing marketing company focused on the promotion of the commercial and subsidised cultural industries.

Founded in 2009 by Luke Shires and Michael McCabe, JOE PUBLIC works collaboratively with clients to strategise campaigns according to the specific needs and budgets of a project, aligning relevant and expert practitioners to execute a full range of sales, marketing and media services.

Marketing Strategy & Direction / Consultation
Independent, customer-driven campaign planning and specialist agency management including:

Media buying
Partnerships and promotions
Content marketing
Group marketing
Education marketing
Domestic and international tourism

Sales & Inventory Management
Independent sales analysis, reporting and inventory/revenue management.

Creative Direction
Key art direction and brand management.

Budget Management
Building and detailed management of marketing budgets through to reconciliation.

Market Research & Analysis
Box Office and ticket agent data analysis in support of audience development.